About the Photographer

I am a lifestyle photographer, documenting the every-day, natural moments between my camera and your family. 

I have silly three year-old twin boys and one super smily toddler boy who walks very closely in their footsteps. They take up a lot of my Canon's memory card space. They are wild. They have my heart.

I am a foodie. Even though my next statement totally negates the sophistication of my taste. 

My childhood birthday meal of choice was always Kraft mac-n-cheese, peas and hot dogs. And it still makes the menus some years. But for real. 

I am married to an incredibly supportive man, who puts down the toilet seat, changes diapers and buys US Weekly and zebra cakes for me when our toddlers give me a 'run-for-the-hills' kind of day.

I am left-handed. Some people find that interesting. 

I love to bake. Too much. And my hips don't lie. 

I aim to capture the raw moments in my photography. The 'in-between' shots, as you will hear me say an abundance of times. They are the binds to our every day lives that should be remembered forever. My sessions will tell your story -- because there is only one you; and everyone has their own unique, messy & vibrant story to tell. I can't wait to share that with you.    

All images copyright Amy Elizabeth Photography. All rights reserved.